Hi folks! My name is Don G. Tamtile, and I’ve been a professional gambler for over forty years. Those have been some years…for me, and for the pastime of gambling in general. A journey from fruit machines to online slots…

I was born in a time when gambling was hard to find, and usually pretty disappointing when you did find it. With the conditions as they were, it’s almost surprising that I discovered in myself a love for the game and the lifestyle that went with it.

Did get distracted for a little time there. My girl friend convinced me to open a business with her. At first it was a fashion boutique selling everything from lipstick to Estetica Designs wigs to dresses, shoes, and jewelry. It was exhilarating at first, particularly once people could find us in the google search and our sales began to take off. The wigs area of the site was quite successful, but it took months of hard work. It thrills took longer to hit, I like my action fast.I must say that opening a business is a kind of gambling in itself, but for me the real deal is in the games, not the store. She still has the shop and is busy as ever. She has even hired additional sales reps since I have limited my involvement to that of the cheerleader, but I get to do my thing.

For the first decade or so of my gambling career, I spent a lot of time in dodgy private poker games and smoky casinos. You can’t even imagine the kinds of people that I had to seek out and deal with just to satisfy the longing that I felt to be in the game, to be a winner on that big payday. Sometimes the danger added to the life — there sure are some characters in this world — but sometimes I came very close to hanging it all up and finding some more respectable and secure way of spending my time. I have some great stories and some great souvenirs from those days, like these amazing elegant cubic zirconia rings I won off a guy who tried to call my bluff. My advice, never call my bluff!

When gambling started to become a little more accepted and people realized that not all gamblers were criminals and con artists, the situation improved…in some ways. Vegas was a great destination for a while, until the corporations and the family-friendly trends turned it into a sad excuse for Disneyland. But even while it was still a fun place to go, it was a hassle getting there and living there.

Well, I now have the best of all possible worlds; I can live where I like, how I like, and not have to worry about putting aside precious time and money for a trip to a place that honestly doesn’t offer all that I want in a gambling environment. It’s the full casino experience, and it’s making even a crusty old Luddite like myself rethink all my prejudices about modern technology and the big bad Internet. If you want to stick around and hear more about it, just ‘turn the page’ and keep reading!